Safety & Maintenance

Carnival Ride Inspections

Family FunDaily inspections of our rides occur every day prior to opening following the guidelines of the State of Wisconsin and our insurance company. The Ride operators inspect the rides throughout the day.  They must meet or exceed state and manufacturer guidelines or we will not operate them! 

Annual inspections of all of our equipment are conducted by certified ride inspectors from the State of Wisconsin and our insurance company.  These inspections happen several times throughout the year.  This insures the safety of all of our customers, and we wouldn't want to have it any other way. 

During our Off Season, we do work on our rides and make mechanical, electrical and cosmetic repairs.  We take pride in our show and want it to show. 

Our Midway Food Wagons

Badgerland Midways L.L.C. proudly owns and operates quality food wagons which supply quality fair food to all of our events! Our food operation complies with all applicable state safety regulations.

Rider Responsibility

Rock O PlaneAt Badgerland Midways, we work hard to keep our fair and festival goers happy and safe.  Our customers play a big part of safety by following the rules of the midway and each ride they go on.    

Before you ride, take a moment to watch the ride in motion and observe the posted height and riding restrictions to determine whether or not the ride is appropriate for you or a child in your care.  All riding guests must be able to sit upright and hold on at all times.

Please be advised that children under 42 inches may be required to ride some of the attractions with a paying adult for safety purposes. 

Please instruct children in your care to behave appropriately and follow instructions from the ride operator at all times.

Improper footwear to ride (flip flops, sandals, etc) may cause injury. You may wear them at your own risk.

Remove any loose articles such as sunglasses, hats, phones, and jewelry that have the potential to fall off during the ride.  We are not responsible for lost articles.  We cannot stop operations to retrieve lost articles.  Any items found on a ride by a ride operator are turned into our Ticket Box and you can check with the ticket seller if your items have been found. 

During the ride smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on all carnival rides and you must remain seated and restrained and be sure to keep your arms, legs and head inside the ride at all times.  Use all safety equipment which the ride offers and remember to always listen to the ride operators' instruction.  When the ride is over, remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop and the ride operator instructs you to exit.

Measure UP! 

Each one of our rides will have height requirements posted on each ride or check out our listing online to see which rides your children can ride before your attend one of our events!